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The CareerOS browser extension

CareerOS by itself works wonders for your job hunt, but with the browser extension it becomes even more powerful

The CareerOS Chrome browser extension to save jobs, contacts & companies
Save jobs, contacts & companies

How it works 💡

1. Make sure to use the Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge browser on your laptop or PC
2. Install the CareerOS extension in the Chrome or Edge web store
3. Use the CareerOS extension to save jobs, contacts & companies from LinkedIn and other platforms with two clicks
4. Organize your job hunt in the CareerOS Web App and land your dream career
Supercharge your job hunt and get the CareerOS browser extension 🚀
Install for Google Chrome
It looks like you are not on a desktop device 💻. Chrome extensions are not available for phones or tablets. Please switch to your laptop or PC and get the most out of CareerOS 🚀
Until then, learn what else you can do with CareerOS:
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