The Dream Team,

empowering students

to take control of their career with our Career Execution Platform.

Marcus Castro

Co-Founder & CEO - “The Visionary”

Maximilian Stengel

Co-Founder & COO - “The Analytical One”

Oleksii Reshetnik

Co-Founder & CTO - “The Builder”

Dan Neciu

Co-Founder & Chief Product Engineer - “The Allrounder”

Linh Le

Head of Design

Elina Bahirova

Engineer, Front-End

Svitlana Kovalska

Engineer, QA

Roman Tkachenko

Engineer, Back-End

Conor McGurk

Sales Manager USA & UK

Diogo Marcos

Sales Manager Europe and Asia

Serhii Borozennyi

Engineer, Front-End

Danylo Smahliuk

Engineer, Back-End

Franz Schürmann

Head of Product

Marina Álvaro Castejón

Head of Marketing

Dmytro Klekots

Engineer, Back-End

Philipp Unger

Head of Strategy

Coco Castro

Chief Cuddle Officer